Colors and Fabrics

ulfbo hand carts are available in 6 different colors.

The body of the wagon is made of heavy duty Cordura fabrics.


The convertible roof canopy is a tear-resistant awning fabric, waterproof and UV-A / UV-B resistant and is produced in 3 different colors in our own sewing factory.

The cushion set (consisting of 2 cushions) is sewn from high-quality Dralon fabric in 5 different colors in our house.

The rims of the wheels are available in 3 colors. The small bag can be delivered in 2 colors (sorry - grey is no longer available).

It is almost impossible for these many different materials to get the same shades. Thus the red of the ulfBo cart is not the same red as the convertible top tarpaulin. All shades of blue are slightly different and so on. Please note this in your color selection.

For the production of the ulfBo we use the best possible quality products. Cordura and Dralon have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the tarpaulin fabric from the soft top is REACH-compliant and the windows are phthalate-free. For better health and environment.

Have fun with your color selection!