Seller guarantee - Warranty conditions

Dear Customer,
Dear customer,

ulfBo trolleys are of very high quality and made of very durable materials. Should a ulfBo handcart purchased from us still not work properly, we regret this and ask you to contact our customer service listed below.

In addition to the statutory warranty, we grant you a guarantee on all handcart purchased from us in accordance with the following provisions.

Your legal rights are not limited by this.

The warranty period is 2 years from the date of purchase. The guarantee is valid in the territory of the European Union and Switzerland. The warranty does not apply to commercial use and rental.

During the warranty period, products that have defects due to material and manufacturing defects will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. Replaced products or parts thereof become our property. The warranty does not extend the warranty period.

Warranty claims must be asserted immediately after becoming aware of the defect within the warranty period.

To make a claim of the warranty, the following steps are required:
Please contact our customer service by e-mail, fax or telephone. In this way, we try to clarify with you whether the defect is within the scope of the guarantee.
In the case of a warranty claim, you send the defective product to the named service address using a shipping label provided by us and enclosing your original proof of purchase. If the defect is within the scope of our warranty, you will receive a repaired or new product.

The return costs are covered by us.

The warranty excludes:
- Damage due to improper or misuse of the product. These include, for example, overloading, approaching obstacles, placing the carriage floor on curb stones or steps, or using it as a bicycle trailer or as a "soap box". Damage due to non-observance of the instructions for use.
- Damage due to normal wear and tear.
- damage due to environmental influences (humidity, heat, aggressive media, etc.)
- damage caused by careless and improper maintenance and corrosion damage, e.g. by seawater.
- Damage caused by the attachment of foreign parts or external accessories.
- Damage to tires and wheels due to penetration of sharp objects or due to incorrect air pressure in the tires.
- Damage caused by interventions not made by the service address authorized by us
- Damage due to unauthorized repair attempts
- Damage by sending in non-transport-safe packaging.

The manufacturer accepts no liability for consequential damage and is not liable for damage claims due to non-operational readiness of the trolley.

We will remedy any defects or damage to the product not covered by the warranty against reimbursement of costs. For an individual offer, please contact our customer service.
The shipping costs are in this case at your expense.

Note on the legal warranty for flat tires:
Due to the many possible causes of air loss, tires, valves and rims must be carefully examined. Only then can it be determined whether the statutory provisions apply to the guarantee.

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