ulfBo is innovative.

Traditional wagons are heavy, bulky and laborious to pull. That bothered the inventor of the ulfBo. In 2000 he accepted the challenge of constructing an "ultralight foldable wagon".

Bollerwagen ulfBo zusammengefaltet

 Bollerwagen ulfBo wird auseinandergezogen 

Not an easy task, as soon turned out. It was necessary to combine the following requirements:

- Foldability to a minimum, without tools,
- low weight,
- high load capacity
- good roll properties
- high tilt stability
- durability and
- a modern, attractive design.

   Bollerwagen ulfbo auseinandergefaltet   

In 2001 he attains his maturity on the market: the ultra-light foldable wagon - ulfBo for short. Innovative folding principle - unchanged since 2001.

Since then, the ulfBo has proven itself thousands of times and is a trusty and constant companion to many families!

 Berlin children 2015 in Colombia.