ulfBo comfort folded in the trunk of a VW Golf.
If necessary, the wheels can be removed with a few simple steps.

 ulfBo Foldable handcart - when folded

 Länge: 69 cm


Width: 59 cm (dismantled rear wheels)

72 cm (rear wheels inserted)

 Height: 27 cm

ulfBo Foldable handcart - in running order


Length (with drawbar): 210 cm, approx. 142 cm without drawbar

Width: 72 cm

Height: 45 cm

 ulfBo Foldable handcart - loading area


Length: 90cm

Width: 40 cm

Height (of the side walls): 25 cm

 ulfBo foldable handcart




Net weight: 10.8 kg

Load capacity: 80 kg

(approximate dimensions, subject to change)