Hamburg or Hawaii...


Wherever you spend your free time or your holidays, ulfBo Touren-Theo can accompany you there! Whether by car, plane, bus or train: the handy, foldable transporter is fully suitable for travel.

On the way to the beach, the hiking tour, the city stroll or a day in the theme park - almost always there is something to lug in our spare time. Cooler bag, bathing suit, beach shell, toys for the little ones - a whole lot!

With a few simple steps, the ulfBo Touring Theo is unfolded. He picks up the luggage and provisions easily. Your arms and back are finally exempted. In fact, you now have one more hand free!

Without any tools, you can fold the ulfBo Touring Theo back to a handy format. So it can be conveniently stowed in the trunk.


ulfBo Touring Theo is easy and foldable.
Back at home, he can be just as useful, e.g. to bring the waste glass to the container or drive the crates home the next time you go shopping.