The ulfBo is the ideal wagon for the beach!

Even aggressive, salty seawater can not harm the plastic roller bearings of the ulfBo Bollerwagen. Other wheel bearings - especially so-called smooth running ball bearings - are permanently not suitable for beach use. Salt eats the bearings and sand makes them useless in a short time. Cheap plain bearings, as used in other carts are a no-go in the truest sense of the word: they generate too much friction and are block the wheels.

The ulfBo Touring Theo is the permanently beachworthy wagon.

The air-filled wheels offer high ride comfort and are 100% seawater resistant.

The wheels are equipped with quick locks on the plug axles. This construction allows for quick disassembly of the wheels. A slight pressure on the stainless spring button is enough and you can pull out the wheels sideways. This achieves an even smaller pack size.

Care and Maintenance:

Store the wheels in a dark, cool and dry place. The filling pressure should be approx. 2 bar and not exceed 2.5 bar.

ulfBo Bollerwagenräder

The wheel rims are made of sturdy, UV-resistant polypropylene.

The wheel bearing consists of special, seawater resistant plastic roller bearings. This means permanently smooth-running wheels. Forget the exhausting pulling of conventional carts. ulfBo follows you with ease!

Salt, sand and dust can penetrate the bearings. In particular after use on the beach and in winter, when using scattered paths, a cleaning of the bearings may be necessary. That's easy: Rinse the bearings with clean water. It gets even more thorough if you remove the bearings from the rims and rinse off all parts thoroughly.

Please do not grease or oil the bearings!

1. Lever out the cap ring with a suitable tool (such as a screwdriver).

2. Remove the bearing.

3. Thoroughly clean all parts: The bearings can be rinsed with water.
Rinse off the inner running surfaces of the wheels or clean them dry with a cloth.

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